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Ferrocarriles de Mexico

The National Railways of Mexico was privatized between 1997 and 1999.
This Page contains links to the railway companies that currently offer freight service by rail in Mexico

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Railway Museums

List of railway museums in Mexico


Internet groups related to México railway
(alphabetical order - data 27th of July, 2011)

Ferroaficionados y Ferromodelistas de México

ferroaficionados ferromodelistas mexico

Group Informacion:

Members: 329
Category: Railway Enthusiasts
Founded date: January 8, 2009
Language: Spanish


Ferrocarriles Mexicanos

Ferrocarriles Mexicanos

Group Informacion:

Members: 144
Category: Trenes y Ferrocariles
Founded date: March 14, 2001
Language: Spanish


Ferroclub de León, "Niagara 3036"

ferroclub leon

Group Informacion:

Members: 164
Category: Trenes
Founded date: Dicember 15, 208
Idioma: Spanish




Group Informacion:

Members: 780
Category: Entusiastas ferroviarios
Founded date: February 26, 1999
Idioma: English


Trenecitos: Ferromodelistas y Ferroaficionados



Group Informacion:

Members: 311
Category: Trenes
Founded date: October 23,2008
Idioma: Spanish